Bikes and Trains

The rain can cause insane things to happen in Sydney. This morning I had to catch the train from my local suburban station in the inner west to go to a meeting on the north shore at 9.00am. The train was packed to gunnels. Wet, sweaty, with nose pressed against the glass, but at least vaguely on time. Well on time in the Sydney meaning of the word, which really means about 5 minutes late.

Change at central to an equally crowded train. At the next station in the city, I and a number of other sardines step out onto the platform to let those leaving the train get off. But, before we can get back on, a man, a bike rider, uses his two-wheel battering ram to push his way onto the train. The rest of us, being oh so polite citizens, look at each other, eyebrows raised but say nothing as we cram back on to the train, with dark thoughts.

But wait there is more. The man, then chains his bike to one of the vertical handrails in the crowded doorway section of the carriage, thereby blocking about half of the walkway. He then squeezes his way down the carriage in search of a seat.

A few stops later I was able to find myself a seat. It was directly behind the bike rider who was now engrossed in his iphone, no doubt texting all and sundry about the virtue of being a bike rider.

The ‘me’ with an ‘i’ and bugger the rest. Now how cool is that!

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