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Older web users and text size

Our research into use of the web and other information and communication technologies by people over the age of sixty is producing some interesting results. In this article I want to comment briefly on some of the responses relating to the size of text on web pages. This research, which I’m conducting in association with […]

Baby Boomers and the Web

When we talk about the Baby Boomer generation, we usually refer to the people born in the years between 1946 and 1964[i], the post-war boom of rapid population growth particularly in countries like the U.S. and Australia. “Baby boomers” are sometimes divided into “early boomers” (1946-55), and “late boomers” (1956-1964)[ii] . In this article I […]

Ghost Bike

The first time I heard the term ghost bikes was in an American forensic television series with an acronym for a title (don’t they all) that I was watching just before Christmas. It seemed like a neat dramatic device in an otherwise rather ordinary tv show, but nothing more. On Christmas day, while driving with […]