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Freezer Ep 19: Biggles

Ray Purvis quickly scanned the email he had just received about the shopping centre project from Elliot Price. A look, with just the faint suggestion of worry crossed his face. “Not looking good with Fleece Industrial. I’m going to have to ask Biggles.” “Biggles?” Asked Ralph Fly. “Sir Murray St Clair,” Purvis told his young […]

Freezer Ep 18: Rowing Pain

This is insane, Jane said to herself as she looked out across the still water. The sun had still to make an appearance, but here she was standing beside the tree lined river that flowed along the boundary of Lushers College. In Jane’s mind this time of day was best spent in bed, but that […]

Refreshable Braille and the Web

Many people have not had the opportunity to see someone use a refreshable Braille device to access the web. I recently videoed Bruce Maguire describing how he uses the internet with a refreshable Braille display. He also demonstrates finding a book on the Amazon site. Transcript of the video is at the end of this […]

Freezer Ep 17: Tuscany Incident

At five minutes past one Alan Williams scurried into the restaurant, a look of desperation on his face. He was worried about being late and his bladder felt like it was about to burst. A quick look around the restaurant showed him that his concern on the first count was unfounded; Ray Purvis had not […]

Freezer Ep 16: First Offer

“Get out of here! You snake.” Dean shouted, as soon as he recognised the man who had just entered the shop: Alan Williams, the real estate agent who had handled the sale some years earlier. Shortly after signing the contract to buy, Dean and his wife discovered Williams had deliberately misled them over several matters, […]

Freezer Ep 15: Make an Offer

Early the next morning, Ralph Fly presented the fruits of his late night labour to Ray Purvis, who was impressed. The figures presented a rose-tinted view of the new shopping centre project, the latest venture by Purvis Holdings. The cost break downs and the projected cash flows said a lot, but gave little away. They […]