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Freezer Ep 42: Off-white Knight

For the second time in a month, Sir Murray St Clair and Elliott Price had a discreet lunch in the private Trophy Room of McDouall’s, the exclusive Gentleman’s club. Once again, Sir Murray ordered the oysters, although a little wary after his last encounter with the delectable molluscs at the club, and Price had the […]

Freezer Ep 41: Frozen Accounts

Raelene Purvis was lying beside the family pool when her mobile rattled with a ring tone that made passing reference to ‘Candy Shop’. Raelene took the call. It was Mrs Clutch, the Lushers School Principal, who firmly asked Mrs Purvis meet with her at the school, “At your convenience of course,” the Principal said, but […]

Freezer Ep 40: Good Rowing, Bad News

The day after the Lushers Girls Rowing Regatta, Peter and Marty visited their rowing coach. They asked if it would be possible for a couple of girls, who were not members of their club, to use one of the pairs for training. “I don’t think so,” Steve the coach had replied. “This is a serious […]

Freezer Ep 39: Falling Man

By the time Dean Thomas got to Regal Mortgage, the line of depositors stretched from the front door and down the footpath for the whole length of the building. Ten floors above, Sir Murray St Clair stood at the window of his plush office looking down on the ever growing queue of desperation below as […]