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Accessibility Supported?

I recently reviewed a couple of PDF forms for compliance with WCAG 2 and the inconsistent way the test screen readers handled these forms threw up several interesting issues or questions. Sorry I am unable to show the forms or describe them in detail due to a NDA; however in general they both contain a […]

Freezer Ep 9: Liquid or Fluid, it’s all the same

Lusher’s College for Ladies was the most exclusive girls’ school in the state and Sky was a proud old-girl. The sight of Jane entering the shop dressed in a brand new uniform of her old school triggered a Pavlov like response in Sky, who immediately broke into a rendition of the school war cry, complete […]

Freezer Ep 8: Double Terminated

With the top half of his body in the “Deli-bar”, a contorted Dean Thomas was obsessively cleaning the inside of the sloping glass front of the cabinet when Sky Crystal entered the Deli. “You should be careful rubbing the glass so hard Mr Thomas. It may melt.” Sky said. Taking the comment as a joke, […]

Conroy Q & A

Senator Conroy is participating in the Q&A panel-discussion program on the ABC this evening. Needless to say, many people are sending in questions relating to the Internet Filtering proposal for Tony Jones to ask the Senator. I have sent in the following as President of the Web Industry Professionals Association: Like Senator Conroy, I am […]

Freezer Ep 7: Sky at Dawn

Early morning. Some people find the dawn enchanting. A time of beauty when the quiet can be felt: A time of contemplation as you prepare for the trials of the day ahead. Sky Crystal was clearly one of those people; an early riser who, even before sunup, was always insufferably nice. A new millennium flower-child […]

Freezer Ep 6: Playing with Debt

Sitting behind a large empty desk in a large over furnished office, Ray Purvis felt good. Sure Purvis Holdings still didn’t own all the land, and the finance for the shopping centre project was still to be found, but everything seemed to be in hand until this morning. Across the desk, his personal assistant, Ralph […]

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” is a great movie that is likely to be of interest to anyone interested in accessibility. When the movie came out a couple of years ago, a friend of mine Phil, who is an experienced film maker and cameraman, told me it was terrific and I had to make […]

Freezer Ep 5: A Convenient Death

Before his morning drive with Elliott Price from Fleece Industrial, Ray Purvis had already made considerable progress with the shopping centre proposal. His company had purchased nearly all the land when, with what might pass as a stroke of genius in the opportunistic world of the property developer, he found a way to hasten the […]

Freezer Ep 4: Strike One

Madge could not remember where or when she first got the idea of putting the names of the people who crossed her in the freezer. Not inclined to be superstitious, and if anything a bit of a sceptic, Madge always found great solace in this technological variant of voodooism, confident in the knowledge that no […]

Freezer Ep 3: Meet Merlin

Not surprisingly the interior of “Thomas Delicatessen and Fine Foods” was as spotlessly clean as the exterior. Lining the right hand wall of the shop were shelves, tidy and well stocked with a wide range of tinned and packaged foods. The left side of the room was the food preparation and serving area.  The domain […]