In times of greed when justice is hard to find, perhaps a little magic is required. A nouveau comedy about the nouveau riche, their friends and victims: A story of redemptive justice for bleak sub-prime times.

I hope to post a new episode in this ongoing story of greed, revenge, rowing and magic every few days. If you subscribe to the RSS feed, you will be notified as soon as a new episode is available.

Index of Episodes

Episode 1: New Money, old money

Two men from different eras of financial supremacy, an over-fed property developer and a member of the squattocracy, are cruising the streets looking for a new venture

Episode 2: Deli and Crystal

Purvis and Price eye-off the two shops. An incongruous clash of the old and the new never destined to win a town planning award for the best preserved street scape in the retailing category…

Episode 3: Meet Merlin

Dean Thomas cuts his way into the food store wielding a large knife as the weasel-faced Health Inspector arrives.

Episode 4: Strike One

The Health Inspector goes for a slide and the appearance of Sky Crystal causes Elliot Price to smile; But why?

Episode 5: A Convenient Death

The death of the local Mayor, in strange and messy circumstances, presents Ray Purvis with a golden opportunity.

Episode 6: Playing with Debt

Ray Purvis needs cash urgently, but instead of going sub-prime he eyes off a nursing home.

Episode 7: Sky at Dawn

Sky Crystal, a new millennium flower-child in search of the nineteen sixties, prepares for the day. A day, Jane Thomas, next door has been dreading.

Episode 8: Double Terminated

Sky enthuses about the virtues of crystals and warns Dean that rubbing the glass front of the deli-bar could be dangerous.

Episode 9: Liquid or Fluid, it’s all the same

The sight of Sky in her flowing clothes, flapping around like a penguin attempting semaphore struck Mrs Thomas as absurd and funny. Her daughter however, was not amused. Jane didn’t go much on either Sky or the school her father had insisted she attend for the next two years.

Episode 10: Lusher’s College for Ladies

As Jane and her mother pull into the school drive way, they encounter a woman with the hands of a forty five year old, the face of a twenty year old and the clothes of a fifteen year old.

Episode 11: Horse Queen

Annabelle Purvis carefully times her departure for Lushers and shows why she is a master of ‘playing the parents’.

Episode 12: Encountering the brat pack

Jane Thomas is targeted by the brat pack on her first day at Lushers school, but a rescuer is at hand.

Episode 13: Ruth

Jane Thomas learns more about Ruth and they are both amused by the perfectly timed arrival of Annabelle, the horse queen, in her Rolls.

Episode 14: Ralph Fly

Anchovies disrupt Ralph’s evening as he prepares to massage the shopping centre project figures for Ray Purvis.

Episode 15: Make an Offer

Impressed with Ralph’s financial creativity, Ray Purvis tells the real estate agent to make an offer for the Thomas Deli.

Episode 16: First Offer

Alan Williams receives a hostile reception when he visits the Thomas Deli and Madge Thomas makes another freezer deposit.

Episode 17: Tuscany Incident

The Freezer strikes when the real estate agent Alan Williams visits the men’s room at the Tuscany Restaurant.

Episode 18: Rowing Pains

Jane and Ruth go out onto the water for the first time and Jane gets a feeling for the delights of rowing and the possible consequences.

Episode 19: Biggles

Ray Purvis is worried about the finance for the shopping centre project so he approaches Sir Murray St Clair, ‘gentleman’ and well known lender of last resort.

Episode 20: Crystal Shopping

Ralph Fly is sent to spy on Sky Crystal but gets more than he bargained for.

Episode 21: Trapped

Ruth and Jane’s morning row ends in disaster and one of them is rushed to hospital

Episode 22: Alone

Without Ruth’s support at school, Jane is an easy target for Annabelle Purvis and her brat pack.

Episode 23: Ralph Returns

Ray Purvis is not impressed with Ralph Fly’s news about the Crystal shop or his surprise purchase. And, is Annabelle due time in the freezer?

Episode 24: Purvis in Action

Sky Crystal shows Ray Purvis the door but he has more luck with Dean Thomas.

Episode 25: Mrs Clutch Requests

The Principal of Lushers College for Ladies puts the hard word on Ray Purvis, and Sir Murray offers his shopping centre project a lifeline.

Episode 26: Purvis, Price and Cow-pats

A visit to Elliot Price on his country property brings rewards for Ray Purvis, but white shoes and cow shit don’t go well together.

Episode 27: You are cordially invited

Jane Thomas and family get a surprise invitation from Ray Purvis. Her father Dean is most impressed, Jane less so.

Episode 28: What Goes Around

Annabelle and her friends set a trap for Jane and Ray Purvis gets a surprise drenching.

Episode 29: Comes around

Madge and Dean Thomas decide to invest with Regal Mortgage and Jane is in for a surprise. What does Sky Crystal know about Ray Purvis?

Episode 30: The Agreement

Ray Purvis makes a surprise visit to the Thomas deli and and asks Dean to sign a letter of agreement to sell.

Episode 31: Dinner with Uncle Elliott

Sky goes to dinner at her parents’ house and has a surprising encounter with her uncle, Elliott Price.

Episode 32: Drinks with Biggles

Ray Purvis, Elliott Price and Sir Murray St Clair (Biggles) celebrate, and Purvis joins Biggles on a trip to his chilly treasure chest to get more supplies.

Episode 33: The Rules

The Principal of Lusher’s College for Ladies announces Ruth and Jane will be competing in the state rowing championship and lays down the rules for the girls training.

Episode 34: Busted

A successful afternoon practice session turns to disaster with the arrival of Principal Clutch who threatens to expel Jane and Ruth.

Episode 35: Brown Jacket

Jane and Ruth have broken the rules and Principal Clutch tells them the punishment, which includes 3 weeks in the Brown Jacket. Jane is unsure about entering the State Rowing Titles.

Episode 36: Bad Oyster

Elliott Price joins Sir Murray St Clair for lunch at the exclusive McDouall club for gentlemen and gets more than he expected.

Episode 37: Invitation Regatta

Jane and Ruth are confined to ‘janitor’ duties and unable to compete, but they do catch the attention of a couple of young men from another rowing club.

Episode 38: Regal Trouble

Things start to go belly-up at Regal Mortgage, which is bad news for Dean Thomas and all the other depositors as well as Ray Purvis and his shopping centre project.

Episode 39: Falling Man

As Dean queues out the front of Regal Mortgage he is confronted by an echo of the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Episode 40: Good Rowing, Bad News

Following a successful mornings training at the boys rowing shed Jane returns to hear the news that she may have to change schools again.

Episode 41: Frozen Accounts

Raelene and Ray Purvis receive some bad news, but perhaps a surprise letter from the Kaytee Corporation of Japan might offer a way out.

Episode 42: Off-white knight

Elliott Price suggests a rescue scheme for Regal Mortgage while Ray Purvis tries to learn a little about Japan in preparation for the visit by a representative of the Kaytee Corporation

Episode 43: Depositors Meeting

Dean and Madge Thomas finally get an opportunity to tackle Sir Murray St Clair about the collapse of Regal Mortgage, but walk away empty handed.

Episode 44: Kaytee Offer

The day of the Japanese arrives at Purvis Holdings. Following a poke in the eye, Mr Oshi offers Ray Purvis a possible way out, but at a price.

Episode 45: Dean Signs

Ray Purvis drops in to the deli and crystal shop unannounced. Dean Thomas agrees to sell the deli, but Sky Crystal is unavailable, meditating in preparation for the whale watching workshop.

Episode 46: Final Practice

The State Rowing Championships are just two days away and Ruth and Jane are still having problems their starts. While the girls do their final training session, Abraham tells Dean that the news about the rescue bid for Regal Mortgage isn’t good.

Episode 47: Going Sailing

Ray Purvis is unable to get a signed contract from Sky Crystal before he has to leave for the Ocean Classic and Ralph has the day off. The contract will have to wait until Monday morning.

Episode 48: Whale Workshop

The surprise presenter at the Whale Watch Society workshop gives Sky some worrying news

Episode 49: Time for Merlin

Sky Crystal gives the Thomas family the bad news and they look to an old friend for retribution.

Episode 50: Race Day

Jane and Ruth get off to rocky start in the double sculls and Abraham Goldsmith reports on the sudden departure of Elliott Price for the ski slopes of Switzerland.

Episode 51: The Finals

In spite of hours of practice, the Ruth and Jane get a bad start in the State Junior Women’s Pairs final and struggle to stay in the race.

Episode 52: A Chilly End

In the final episode of Freezer, Merlin rages and brings some justice with its last gasp

Copyright Roger Hudson, 2009