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New Web Usability site

New Web Usability site launched. The new Web Usability site will now also contain web-related material from Dingo Access.

Mature Age ICT Users Survey 2

The results of the second survey into how people over the age of 60 use information and communication technologies (ICT) are now available. This phase of the project involved surveying people in the physical-world and one-on-one interviews with them about some of the problems they experience when using the web. There were some differences between […]

Baby Boomers and the Web

When we talk about the Baby Boomer generation, we usually refer to the people born in the years between 1946 and 1964[i], the post-war boom of rapid population growth particularly in countries like the U.S. and Australia. “Baby boomers” are sometimes divided into “early boomers” (1946-55), and “late boomers” (1956-1964)[ii] . In this article I […]

Ghost Bike

The first time I heard the term ghost bikes was in an American forensic television series with an acronym for a title (don’t they all) that I was watching just before Christmas. It seemed like a neat dramatic device in an otherwise rather ordinary tv show, but nothing more. On Christmas day, while driving with […]

Disabled Parking Cheats

One thing that really pisses me off is people who misuse disabled parking permits. In my view, able-bodied people who exploit the few meagre, yet essential, benefits available to those with disabilities are cheats who should be prosecuted. Cars with disabled parking stickers can park in dedicated disabled parking spots and are allowed to park […]

Logie Twit

Now, I would not normally comment on the Logie Awards, since for me they are less interesting than the talking clock and given the choice of watching the ceremony on television or paint dry, I would pick drying paint any day. However, this year the antics of Age Journalist, Catherine Deveny, did catch my attention. […]

Memories of Berlin

Twenty years ago this week, my partner Janet and I were in London on holidays. All the news was about the turmoil in Eastern bloc countries following Gorbachev’s announcement that they would be allowed to choose their own path. Increasing numbers of people from Hungary and Czechoslovakia took him at his word and were sampling […]

Telstra Shambles

I have been without the Internet for the last few days, which needless to say has not been good for business. The process of trying to get it back again has been so painful I fear that if don’t share my sorry story with you, I may be scarred for life. At the outset, I […]

Look Ma, I’m an idiot

The recent Domino’s Pizza “horror” video and its aftermath got me thinking once again about the apparent disconnect some people experience between their antics in the virtual world the real world consequences. We have all seen stories of people who after a heavy night out, use Facebook, Myspace or something similar, to share their experiences […]

Bikes and Trains

The rain can cause insane things to happen in Sydney. This morning I had to catch the train from my local suburban station in the inner west to go to a meeting on the north shore at 9.00am. The train was packed to gunnels. Wet, sweaty, with nose pressed against the glass, but at least […]