Freezer Ep 16: First Offer

“Get out of here! You snake.” Dean shouted, as soon as he recognised the man who had just entered the shop: Alan Williams, the real estate agent who had handled the sale some years earlier.

Shortly after signing the contract to buy, Dean and his wife discovered Williams had deliberately misled them over several matters, which resulted in a substantial increase in the cost of establishing Thomas Delicatessen and Fine Foods. Their last meeting with the real estate agent had not been at all pleasant and the Thomas’s had no desire to ever see him again.

“Now Mr Thomas, Mrs Thomas I can understand your hostility, but honestly I wasn’t at fault, so why don’t we let bygones be bygones.” Williams suggested smoothly.

“Baloney! Not your fault!” Dean retorted. “Farmyard confetti Williams. Bloody bullshit.”

“You cost us nearly fifty thousand dollars.” Madge said as she walked around the counter to confront Williams. “Now you either deliberately mislead us, or were too stupid to know any better, either way I suggest you go.”

“Mrs Thomas, Madge, please hear me out. It’ll be worth your while, I promise you. I have a buyer who is very interested in this property…”

“We’re not interested in anything you have to say.” Madge said calmly.

Misreading the situation, Williams continued in his smooth voice. “How does three hundred and twenty thousand dollars sound?”

“Out!” Madge snapped, her anger mounting, an unusual occurrence since Dean was the family member most prone to angry outbursts. “No amount of money could make us deal with you again.”

“It’s more than twice what you paid for the place.” Williams said, keeping a wary eye on Dean Thomas as he came around to the front of the counter to join his wife.

“You heard my wife, we’re not interested in anything you have to say. Being swindled once by a light fingered, slimy little toad like you is more than enough.”

“You’ll never get a better offer for the place.” Williams said as he edged closer to the front door.

“Out!” Dean shouted, pointing the way.

“Think about it Mr Thomas. It’s foolish to let your emotions get in the way of business.” Williams offered as he hurried out of the shop, just ahead of an advancing Dean Thomas.

“What’s that bastard’s name?” Madge hissed as her husband walked back from the doorway.

“Alan Williams, you going to give him the usual?” Dean asked with a smile.

Madge nodded silently, picked up a felt tip pen and walked over to the pile of butcher’s paper on the counter next to the electric slicer. With determined strokes she printed the name Alan Williams on the corner of the top sheet of paper and then tore it off.

Paper in hand, Madge walked through to the kitchen behind the shop. Alan Williams, in name at least, was destined for the freezer compartment of the family fridge.

In the next episode, “Tuscany Incident”, the Freezer strikes when Williams visits the men’s room at the Tuscany Restaurant.

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