‘Usability’ Archive

Headings: Who Needs ’em?

A story about web page headings and sub-headings that tries to look beyond the absurd distinctions that are sometimes made about the usability and accessibility of web content, to ask who needs them and why.

New Web Usability site

New Web Usability site launched. The new Web Usability site will now also contain web-related material from Dingo Access.

Accessing Nav Drop-Downs

Recently I came across a site that has a less than accessible horizontal main navigation bar with drop-down menus containing links to the different pages in each section. This got me thinking once again about the use of drop-downs from an accessibility perspective. In particular, I thought it might be useful to consider the different […]

Use of Web 2.0 Tools

During September 2008, I did a quick survey to gain some insights into how people use some of the newer features of the web such as blogs, tags and social networking sites. I was also interested compare the extent to which these tools are used by people who work making sites with those who just […]

Taxonomy, Search, Social Networks and Pace-Layering

At the Oz-IA Conference in Sydney during September 2008, I gave a talk about different ways information on the web can be identified and found. The presentation also considered how Pace-Layering theory might be applied to the process of developing websites. The presentation slides are now available on SlideShare. When presented with concerns about the […]