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Freezer Episode 33: The Rules

The day started, like every other day at Lushers College for Ladies, with roll call and prayers in the year Common Rooms. Jane Thomas and Ruth Goldsmith sat together on one side of the Year 11 room, while Annabelle Purvis and her brat-pack fan-girls sat at the back. The school Chaplin, male of course, delivered […]

Freezer Ep 32: Drinks with Biggles

Elliott Price accepted the invitation for drinks at Sir Murray’s house with as much good grace he could muster. He was not in the mood for another one of Biggles interminable air force stories, told with ever-increasing grandiosity. Elliott’s disdain was made all the more profound by the news that they would be joined by […]

Freezer Ep: 31 Dinner with Uncle Elliott

When Sky’s grandfather died some years ago, her father John Price, as the oldest son, had automatically inherited the family estate: A quaint practice, which the aristocracy of the old country and the squattocracy of the new still had in common. The original Price property was one of the largest and most prosperous during the […]