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Freezer EP 38: Regal Trouble

About a week before the news became public, rumours had begun to circulate of trouble at Regal Mortgage. Innuendos about problems at the vainglorious lender of last resort headed by Sir Murray St Clair were whispered in the boardrooms and clubs where the well connected met to trade in finance and gossip. Several of the […]

Freezer Ep 37: Invitation Regatta

The Lushers Invitation Girls Rowing Competition was an important event, not so much for the sport of rowing, but for the students at the school. Held a month or so before the state titles each year, it was an opportunity for the best young women rowers to assess the preparation of their main competitors. For […]

Freezer Episode 36: Bad Oyster

When Sir Murray St Clair rang suggesting that they meet at the club for lunch, Elliott Price knew he had to accept. There was something in Biggle’s voice, a reticent foreboding not common in a simple invitation. Sir Murray and Price were both members of ‘McDouall’, an exclusive Gentleman’s club in the city. The club, […]

Freezer Episode 35: Brown Jacket

The principal, Mrs Clutch, came to address the class personally. In one hand she carried a long brown janitor’s jacket. With a sombre voice, she spoke of one rotten apple spoiling the whole barrel and then asked Ruth and Jane to come to the front of the class. Principal Clutch outlined the special permission for […]

Memories of Berlin

Twenty years ago this week, my partner Janet and I were in London on holidays. All the news was about the turmoil in Eastern bloc countries following Gorbachev’s announcement that they would be allowed to choose their own path. Increasing numbers of people from Hungary and Czechoslovakia took him at his word and were sampling […]

Freezer Episode 34: Busted

Annabelle and Shelley were hiding in the trees when Ruth and Jane arrived at the boat shed that afternoon. They watched silently as the rowers launched a pair and gently stroked their way out into the middle of the river. As soon as the rowing shell was out of sight, the spies emerged from their […]