‘Freezer’ Archive

Freezer Ep 52: A Chilly End

In his brightly coloured, expensive ski clothes, Elliott Price blended in perfectly with the world’s idle rich of a certain age, who took their winter holidays at Klosters in the hope of meeting a member of the nobility. Ideally it would be Prince Charles, or another member of the House of Windsor, but failing that […]

Freezer Ep 51: The Finals

The picnic lunch by the river at the State Rowing Championships was a welcomed distraction, particularly for Ruth and Jane, who had three hours to kill before they were to compete for the Junior Women’s Coxless Pairs title. Small talk and the various finals for the Senior events were interspersed with enthusiastic optimism tempered by […]

Freezer Ep 50: Race Day

The weekend of the State Rowing Championships had finally arrived. Year in, year out the program followed the same format: Heats for the Senior events on the Saturday, Junior heats Sunday morning and all the finals in the afternoon. On the Sunday morning, Abraham Goldsmith drove Jane Thomas and his daughter Ruth out to the […]

Freezer Ep 49: Time for Merlin

Jane Thomas and her parents, Dean and Madge, stood dumb-founded as Sky Crystal told them the Japanese company taking over the shopping centre project had other plans for their land. “There going to build a fish processing factory and cold storage plant!” As Sky delivered her bombshell, the Merlin freezer in the Thomas deli started […]

Freezer Ep 48: Whale Workshop

All day there had been a buzz at the Whale Watch Society workshop about the last session. Very few recognised the presenter’s name or photo in the program, but he was described as an expert in communication by aquatic mammals. When Ralph Fly was introduced at the start of the final session, Sky Crystal was […]

Freezer Ep 47: Going Sailing

Every year, the old-money and new-money yachties put aside their schemes and scams, alliances and animosities, for one weekend. The RBT Ocean Classic was now an established part of the business calendar, where stockbrokers and loan sharks, property developers and company directors could go to sea for some serious competition and fun. The race always […]

Freezer Ep 46: Final Practice

Each morning for the last month Dean had driven his daughter Jane to rowing practice, arriving at the sheds on the bank of the river just before dawn. And each morning, Abraham Goldsmith had been doing the same for his daughter Ruth, Jane’s partner in the double-sculls. While the sun came up and the girls […]

Freezer Ep 45: Dean Signs

Time was running out for Ray Purvis. The survival of Purvis Holdings now depended on selling the land earmarked for the proposed shopping centre to the Kaytee Corporation of Japan, but not all the land was Ray’s to sell. Brimming with confidence, Purvis had assured the Japanese fishing entrepreneur he would overcome this problem in […]

Freezer Ep 44: Kaytee Offer

At Purvis Holdings, the day of the Japanese finally arrived. Alerted by security in the building foyer to the arrival of Mr Oshi from the Kaytee Corporation, Ray Purvis paced nervously in the reception area waiting for the lift. “Where’s the tree?” Purvis demanded of the receptionist, “I told you to get one of those […]

Freezer Ep 43: Depositors Meeting

The day before the meeting of Regal Mortgage depositors, Madge Thomas was in the kitchen behind the family delicatessen having her first cuppa of the day as she listened to the early edition of AM on the radio. “There is mounting anger over the collapse of Regal Mortgage and serious allegations of financial impropriety by […]