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Freezer Ep 25: Mrs Clutch Requests

The homely, old style wood-paneled Principal’s office at Lusher’s College for Ladies contrasted starkly with the current holder of that august position, Mrs Clutch, an attractive angular woman of 45 whose taste in clothes tended towards the triangular. Mrs Clutch was strict with both her pupils and their parents. Believing familiarity not only breeds contempt […]

Telstra Shambles

I have been without the Internet for the last few days, which needless to say has not been good for business. The process of trying to get it back again has been so painful I fear that if don’t share my sorry story with you, I may be scarred for life. At the outset, I […]

Freezer Ep 24: Purvis in Action

Ray Purvis’s visit to the Crystal Shop was less than successful. Sky Crystal didn’t like what she had read and seen about Ray Purvis and didn’t like shopping centres. “They’re just glass and concrete temples to consumerism,” She told Purvis. “A shopping centre doesn’t have to be like that,” Purvis said with as much conviction […]

Freezer Ep 23: Ralph Returns

“How much?” Ray Purvis roared. “I said buy something, not the bloody shop.” Ralph Fly squirmed in a chair across the desk from his boss. Desperate to avoid discussing the details of his exploratory venture to the Crystal Shop, he slid the plastic shopping bag containing the bright crimson pyramid behind his chair and out […]

Freezer Ep 22: Alone

Jane arrived at school late, half way through the day’s second class with the grand title of ‘Social Etiquette”. It was Jane’s least favourite lesson; a total time-waster devoted to the notion of catching the right man. This, combined with the non-existent academic demands of the lesson, probably explained its popularity with Annabelle Purvis and […]