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Freezer Ep 14: Ralph Fly

Nobody at Purvis Holdings knew about the private life of Ralph Fly. Fly was into fish in a big way. He regularly went skindiving, not to spear his aquatic friends, but to photograph them, for Ralph Fly hated all forms of fishing and never ate fish. He did however, collect and study fish, the rarer […]

Freezer Ep 13: Ruth

Ruth Goldsmith was a good rower, the best in the school. As Jane walked with Ruth across the school to the second class of her first day at Lushers, she felt that she might have found a kindred spirit. There was however, one glaring difference; at the state rowing titles the year before Ruth had […]

Look Ma, I’m an idiot

The recent Domino’s Pizza “horror” video and its aftermath got me thinking once again about the apparent disconnect some people experience between their antics in the virtual world the real world consequences. We have all seen stories of people who after a heavy night out, use Facebook, Myspace or something similar, to share their experiences […]

Freezer Ep 12: Encountering the brat pack

Jane’s first lesson at Lushers was both uninspiring and uneventful. Nominally English literature, the soporific encounter with daffodils, green fields and lonely wandering clouds had precious little to do with Wordsworth and even less to do with poetry. Rescued by the bell, the clatter and chatter of hurried activity soon filled the room. A small […]

Freezer Ep 11: Horse Queen

It was the first day of the school year and Annabelle Purvis, dressed in the uniform of Lushers College for Ladies, was in no hurry. Casually grazing through a magazine, she sprung into action at the sound of her favourite ring tone. Hoping it was one of her friends, she picked up the lifeline […]

Bikes and Trains

The rain can cause insane things to happen in Sydney. This morning I had to catch the train from my local suburban station in the inner west to go to a meeting on the north shore at 9.00am. The train was packed to gunnels. Wet, sweaty, with nose pressed against the glass, but at least […]

Freezer Ep 10: Lusher’s College for Ladies

Madge Thomas turned the old Holden ute into the school grounds and headed slowly down the gravel drive. “Jeez Mum, look out!” Jane screamed, drawing her mother’s attention to the Mercedes which had swung over to the wrong side of the drive and was now accelerating towards them. Madge instantly stamped on the brakes and […]