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Freezer Ep 48: Whale Workshop

All day there had been a buzz at the Whale Watch Society workshop about the last session. Very few recognised the presenter’s name or photo in the program, but he was described as an expert in communication by aquatic mammals. When Ralph Fly was introduced at the start of the final session, Sky Crystal was […]

Australia goes WCAG 2

On Tuesday 23 February the Minister for Finance, Lindsay Tanner, announced the Australian Government had endorsed WCAG 2.0. The press release by Minister Tanner contained few details, but said all government websites would need to comply with WCAG 2.0 by 2015. ‚ÄúThese new standards will improve the ability of people with a broad range of […]

Government 2.0 Draft Report and Accessibility

While there are many things to praise in the Government 2.0 Taskforce Draft Report, ‘Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0‘, sadly I find it very light-on when it comes to the whole issue of social inclusion for people with disabilities. How governments around the world balance the potential of web 2.0 with the reality of […]

Freezer Ep 47: Going Sailing

Every year, the old-money and new-money yachties put aside their schemes and scams, alliances and animosities, for one weekend. The RBT Ocean Classic was now an established part of the business calendar, where stockbrokers and loan sharks, property developers and company directors could go to sea for some serious competition and fun. The race always […]

Social Inclusion for the Web

We no longer think it is acceptable to discriminate against people on grounds of gender or race and, as a community, we expect provision to be made for people with disabilities in public transport and building design. However, when it comes to making sure web content is accessible to all users of the web, including […]