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Freezer Ep 21: Trapped

Jane would never know what happened. One moment she and Ruth had the long, narrow racing shell gliding down the calm river, a crystal blue day; the next she was upside down, struggling for breath in the black water as she groped around for the safety cord. The seats inside the rowing shell were on […]

Adopting WCAG 2

It is six months since the release of WCAG 2.0 and I thought it might be interesting to see how extensively it has been adopted as a bench mark for determining web content accessibility. Over this time, I have felt that the rate of adoption has been relatively slow and the number of countries and […]

Freezer Ep 20: Crystal Shopping

“Upper-class tosser! Bloody hell, I’ve seen some pretty dodgy ads in my time, made a few myself, but that takes the cake,” A furious Ray Purvis screamed down the phone to his assistant. Ralph Fly leaned back in his office chair and waited. He knew better than to interrupt one his boss’s rants, so confined […]