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WCAG 2.0 and Accessibility Supported

Web accessibility is at the cross-roads. The WCAG of 1999 is not able to meet the needs of the web today, with its enhanced interactivity, greater community engagement and the proliferation of new technologies. WCAG 2.0 is supposed to address this problem by looking not at the technologies used to generate web content, but at […]

Freezer Ep 30: The Agreement

The Merlin freezer in the “Thomas Delicatessen and Fine Foods” deli had stopped again and Dean Thomas was on his knees gently trying to coax it back to life. As he whispered words of endearment and encouragement, Ray Purvis entered the shop and watched in silence. “Come on, you contrary bastard,” Dean shouted and lent […]

Freezer Ep 29: Comes around

The Principal of Lushers College for Ladies called Ruth Goldsmith into her office the Monday after the equestrian centre inauguration fiasco. “What do you know about this, girl?” Principal Clutch demanded as she put an orange “whoopee” fart cushion on the desk in front of Ruth. “Nothing Principal,” Ruth replied, adding truthfully, “I have never […]

Freezer Ep 28: What Goes Around

“Mrs Purvis,” Principal Clutch called out to Raelene and Annabelle Purvis as they walked towards the horses, “a few words if you wouldn’t mind” Raelene turned and walked over to join the Principal of Lushers College for Ladies as her daughter seized the opportunity to escape. “See you later,” Annabelle yelled to her mum as […]

Dial up and Accessibility

It’s funny how quickly we sometimes forget. When cable first became available in my neighbourhood, most people connected to the internet via dial-up. Since my work involves providing advice about the usability and accessibility of websites, I made a conscious decision at the time to go with the masses and remain on dial-up. Within a […]