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Senator Conroy is participating in the Q&A panel-discussion program on the ABC this evening. Needless to say, many people are sending in questions relating to the Internet Filtering proposal for Tony Jones to ask the Senator.

I have sent in the following as President of the Web Industry Professionals Association:

Like Senator Conroy, I am concerned about the use of the internet for illegal purposes. The proposed internet filtering system however, will not disrupt the worst of this activity but will adversely effect the everyday operation of the web. Is it not time for the Senator to consider an alternative approach?

Senator Conroy, if the internet filtering is introduced what mechanisms will be put in place to provide compensation to law abiding people and businesses whose reputation or livelihood is damaged by being wrongfully condemned and placed on a secret blacklist?

Senator Conroy, will you release all the information, including performance data, obtained from the Internet Filtering trials? What criteria will be used to judge if the trial has succeeded or not and when will these be made available to the public?

Senator Conroy, you are clearly concerned about the illegal use of the internet so I don’t understand how alienating most of the internet industry is going to help. Why are you so reluctant to adopt a cooperative approach that embraces all sectors of the industry?

Senator Conroy, if something is illegal it should be dealt with under the law. Do secret blacklists really have a role in a modern democratic society?

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  1. Excellent! Thanks Roger. I have posted some there and on the GetUp site as well. Hopefully we’ll get some answers.


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