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Elderly Person who doesn’t want email

I am currently surveying people over the age of 60 about their use of information communication technologies and this has resulted in talking with some interesting people with challenging ideas. On the weekend, I met with a retired man in his sixties, who is intelligent, financially independent and owns his home. Following a life in […]

Survey Of Mature Age Internet Users

Survey of people over the age of 60 who use the Internet and other Information Technologies Click here to take survey The aim of this “Internet and Information Technology Users Survey” is to find out how and why people over the age of 60 use the Internet and to get a better understanding of the […]

Are These PDFs Accessible?

The question of whether or not PDFs are sufficiently accessible to be used on the Web has stimulated much debate over the years. There are some who believe there is no place for PDF on the Web; while on the other hand, some argue that PDF is an essential tool for communicating via the Web. […]

Accessing Nav Drop-Downs

Recently I came across a site that has a less than accessible horizontal main navigation bar with drop-down menus containing links to the different pages in each section. This got me thinking once again about the use of drop-downs from an accessibility perspective. In particular, I thought it might be useful to consider the different […]

Ten Common Accessibility Problems

Over the years, I have reviewed the accessibility of a number of sites. This document outlines ten common accessibility issues I have encountered which could result in a site’s failure to fully comply with WCAG 2.0. The document includes links to some of the WCAG 2 advisory Sufficient Techniques provided by the W3C for addressing […]

iPhone, iPad and VoiceOver

Several years ago, I looked at the Apple VoiceOver screen reader and found it wanting. Last week, I returned to VoiceOver and, at the risk of further inflaming the hyperbolic passion of the Apple Fan boys/girls, I must say it is amazing how much difference a few years can make. Last Friday, Russ Weakley and […]

WCAG Rethink?

The slides and speakers notes from my CSUN 2010 presentation: “Ten Years of Web Content Accessibility Rules: Time for a Rethink?” Following my talk at the CSUN conference in March 2010, several people have asked me to make available the slides. They also asked if it would be possible to get a transcript since many […]

Logie Twit

Now, I would not normally comment on the Logie Awards, since for me they are less interesting than the talking clock and given the choice of watching the ceremony on television or paint dry, I would pick drying paint any day. However, this year the antics of Age Journalist, Catherine Deveny, did catch my attention. […]

CSUN 2010 Summary

My presentation for the 2010 CSUN Conference, “Ten Years of Web Content Accessibility Rules: Time for a Rethink?” is primarily concerned with whether or not the way we have encouraged/required the development of accessible sites in the past has been successful, and how we might improve the accessibility of the web in the future. For […]

WCAG 2 – Don’t Panic

After nearly a year of deliberation, the Australian government has finally decided to move from using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0) to WCAG 2.0 as the benchmark for website accessibility. On Wednesday February 24, The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) announced: “Government agencies will transition to WCAG 2.0 over a four year […]